Phoinix, the free Gameboy emulator for PalmOS

by Bodo Wenzel
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About some accessories

On this page: - GamePad of Worldwide Widget Works - GameFace of Handspring - Cartridge adapter - T-shirt

GamePad of Worldwide Widget Works

Photo of GamePad at a Palm III.

The GamePad is supported fully. There's nothing to set up, just be sure that you installed the driver provided by Worldwide Widget Works. The layout of the keys is exactly like the real Gameboy!

If you use an overclocking tool and the GamePad does not work, try to switch to normal speed.

GameFace of Handspring

Handspring offers for the Visors the GameFace. It's a piece of plastic to cover the hard keys, providing a direction pad and two other buttons.

Simply assign the buttons correctly, and it should work like a charm.

Cartridge adapter

Another fine thing would be an adapter to read GB cartridges right into your handheld. This is some nice project for learning about hardware design and software development for small microcontrollers. Another part is the Palm software for this adapter.

Mail me if you did or plan to do something!


Photo of a t-shirt with the Phoinix logo.

This special accessory is not publically available! If you happen to see it worn by someone, this person deserves it absolutely!