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Compatibility of free cartridges

On this page: - NO, NO! - About playability - Games - Other cartridges (demos, tests)


NO! I can't tell you how to get files of commercial games! Please try the free games, some clones are better than the originals! I will not answer any mail concerning commercial games!

And please: don't send me any games without prior arrangement! I'm using a private phone line with a simple modem to get into the net - and that costs lots of money here in Germany!

About playability

A nice guy named HJ sent me some HTML's with his comments about the playability of emulated games. Informations about the method are provided in his Playability Testing document. Look at the "datasheet" for an actual game by following the link on its name. If a game has no link, there's none; if you like to help, look at the contact page.

This list contains only ROMs already tried. If your favourite isn't there it just means that you should test it and send me your experiences! Please don't forget to include these informations:

  • The name of the game.
  • The version of Phoinix.
  • How it works, see the tables for examples.
  • A short description of the game.

Last update: 2007-02-15


Name, sorted Emulator version Status Description
Alien Planet Phoinix v.1.3 Works Vertically scrolling spaceship shooter.
Alpha Wing PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works A classical space shooter. Designed for CGB, therefore bad graphic.
Ant Hill PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works well Similar to Boulderdash. Collect the eggs without touching the bugs.
Ant Soldiers Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works slowly Free Ants!, a clone of the famous lemmings game.
Arkanoid Clone PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works A simple clone of Breakout/Arkanoid.
ASCII Wars PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works well ASCII characters attack!
Asteroids Treasure Hunt PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Asteroids clone.
Balloon Man Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Try to catch all his balloons.
Boulder Crash Phoinix v.1.3 Works Boulder Dash clone, with quiz between levels; german.
Blastroids Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Very simple horizontal space shooter.
Bomber Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Bomb all houses so you can land your aircraft. A kind of a classical.
Bounce (J7) Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A nice Pong clone.
Bounce (Quang) Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A Breakout clone with strange reflections.
Boxes Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A simple sokoban clone.
Breakout PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Clone by Anders Granlund.
Brickbreaker Phoinix v.1.3 Works And another Breakout clone.
Brikster Phoinix v.1.3 Works well Break the wall with the ball, once more...
Car Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Another simple car game, try to keep your vehicle on the road.
Cars Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Guide several cars through the town without crash.
Chip the Chick PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works slowly Save your chicken!
Color Collapse Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well A "Same" clone, very nice.
Columns DX PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works great Clone, very cool.
Combat Soccer Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly A Pong clone, but vertically.
Cosmic Attack Phoinix v.1.3 Works Quite boring mixture of Bubble Bobble and Invaders.
Crash Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Another simple car game, keep your vehicle on the road.
Cricket Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Cricket simulator.
Cyberball Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Two spacecrafts playing ball, cute idea.
Dan Laser PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Fly your spacecraft through hostile areas...
Deep Scan PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Fight the submarines, a classical.
Downward spiral Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Simple first person shooter, also slow on the real device.
Dynamite Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The title screen was made for the GBC, but the game works. Get your player to the dynamite by shifting walls.
Effigy Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Simple adventure; mostly a demo.
Eva pong Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Pong clone, made for the GBC but runs.
Fall down PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Try to keep the ball falling.
Friki Race Phoinix v.1.3 Works very slowly 1st person car race, cool; too bad that it's so slow!
Frode Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Vertical aircraft shooting game.
Frox Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A Frogger clone with badly chosen colours.
Gameboy Book Reader PalmBoy v.4.0beta1 Works slowly eBook application for the Gameboy.
Gay Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Another clone of pong.
GBAMATRON Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The GB version of Llamatron, nice.
GB BASIC V2.00 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works If you ever wanted to program in BASIC, here it is!
GB Lander PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works slowly Do you know OIDS? This is the clone...
Grecotron V 0.91 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Another Llamatron clone, shoot greek letters.
Hangman PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Guess the word in a minimum number of tries.
The Horrible Demon 1 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Simple adventure.
The Horrible Demon 2 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Funny role playing game; the best of the series.
The Horrible Demon 3 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump, fight and run, some graphical errors.
The Horrible Demon 4 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump, fight and run.
Huelsi 0.08 Phoinix v.1.3 Works Collect the bucks without being shot, kind of puzzle.
Hungry are the Dead PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Adventure with zombies.
IDSA Invaders Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Very simple vertical scrolling space game.
Infocom games with the interpreter of NoCash Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works All these famous text adventures.
I-Guardian Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works And space invaders again.
JetPak 0.08 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Build your spacecraft and fly away.
JetPak DX PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Newer version of JetPak 0.08?
Jumping Jack Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Try to reach the top, sliding holes are in each floor.
Keystone Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Run through the mall and try to reach the top.
King's stone Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The known card game (I can't play it though).
Klondike Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The known card game (I can't play it though).
Kung Fu Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Now fight!
Kyn Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Simple vertical scrolling space shooter, but nice graphics.
Labymon Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Kind of adventure in a labyrinth.
Labyrinth Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Which exit is the right to escape from the labyrinth?
Ladeks Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A classical, let the robots destroy themselves.
LCD Game Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Find your way through the maze, shift walls if necessary.
Log-X Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Set up the pattern of the field, but think hard before; a nice thinking game.
Magic Ball Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Kind of billard, with breakout task.
MAG-E-ZINE Volume 1 Issue 1 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works I don't know of any other issues.
MarioBros PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works slowly J'n'R with Mario, kinda simple.
Max Body Count Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump'n'Run shooter.
Maze PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Find your way to the other end!
Mazezam Phoinix v.1.3 Works A great puzzle game: walk to the other side but shift the frames correctly.
Metal slug Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump'n'Run shooter.
Minefield Phoinix v.1.3 Works Walk through the field avoiding those mines. This is not the well-known Minesweeper.
Mines Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works Sweep these mines away... We all love this game!
Mineshweepe Phoinix v.1.3 Works The well-known Minesweeper, a cool version. (No typo in the name ;-)
Mouse Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Climb the floors and avoid the enemies coming down.
Mousetrap PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works A clone of pacman with a mouse hero, hunted by cats.
Nightdrive Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A clone of Atari's classical.
Noah's Arkaid PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works well Variant of the memory game. Some graphic flaws because of CGB design.
PacMan PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Another clone.
Paddle mission Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Another pong clone, well done.
Pazzle Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Again a game mixed from Tetris and Columns.
PDA 4.1 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works A PDA running on an emulator running on a PDA, hm...
Pikachu Go Go Go Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A nice jump'n'run with the famous Pokémon character.
Plumpy Phoinix v.1.4pre2 Works slowly Platform game with a cute character.
Pocket Panic 99 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Platform game, save the baby from the bad men.
Pokdamon Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Poke your opponent before he pokes you, you've got 99 seconds!
POKE Mission 97 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Throw balls into the funnel.
Pokémon Password Generator Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Generates passwords for the Pokémon games.
Pong PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Grandfather (or -mother?) of all video games!
Pot pong Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works How to play pong when stoned.
Prince YehRude Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Push equally marked blocks together to solve the stage.
The princess and the Pauper Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Promising adventure "stub", works in spite of the Liberty advertisement ;-)
Project X-Stream Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Horizontal scroller space shooter.
Puzzle PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works 15 tiles have to be reordered. Simple graphics.
Puzzle Path Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Collect items and escape from the labyrinth.
PuzzleX Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works great! Try to bring the cute characters onto their home fields. The problem is that they only stop at obstacles.
PuzzleX 2 Phoinix v.1.3 Works great! Second version of PuzzleX, a score display is added.
Quadrops Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works well Think of Tetris in four directions!
Rescue Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Catch the falling parachutists.
Roader Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Don't leave the road, you will crash!
Rockman DX3 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump'n'run, nice graphics.
Rotate Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Like Rotation, but with a Pikachu puzzle.
Rotation Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Sort the 16 letters by rotating 4 each turn.
RPG PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Unfinished "role playing game" - it's just walking in the dungeon.
Scramble Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Defender clone.
Shutdown PalmBoy v.2.0 Works Try to switch off all lamps. It's harder than it sounds...
Slippy Phoinix v.1.3 Works great! Help the little penguin to collect the gems.
Snake Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Feed the snake, but don't run into yourself or the wall.
Sneaky snakes Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The title is garbled (for colour GB) but the game works well.
SokoBan Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works great! Port of the box shifting game by Emil Brink.
Southpong Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Pong with characters from the south park cartoon.
Space duel Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Two spaceships fighting, with a factory to build your own.
SQRXZ 0.95 & 0.96 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Jump'n'Run; guide your little bug home, very cute!
Starfight Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works A space shooter.
Starfisher Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works Collect the goldfishes, but avoid the others! To get past the 4th level, you need the patch.
Stopwatch Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works great! You have to have this for your sports! This program runs in full speed on my T|T with frameskip = 2, wow!
Super Mario 4 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works The free sequel of the famous platform game.
Super Ninja Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Guide your player through the jump'n'run world. But why is it called 'ninja'?.
SWorld Phoinix v.1.3 Works great! Some cool Invader clone.
SWorld 2 Phoinix v.1.3 Works great! Enhanced version, among other things a trainer is added.
They came from outer space Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works The classical Invaders.
TCFOS Trainer Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Same as above... but infinite lifes.
Tetrablox 2000 Phoinix v.1.0beta2 Works Another tetris clone.
Tic Tac Toe Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Don't you have paper and pencil?
To Hearts Columns Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Another Columns clone.
Tunnel Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Guide your craft through the tunnel. Simple.
Turbo RC Racing Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Unfinished commercial game, now free; like micro machines.
Viper Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works And again that ole snake game.
Wonderworm PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Feed the worm, but then it grows. Anyway, great fun! (Cartridge claims too much RAM... this can be patched.)

Other cartridges (demos, tests)

Name, sorted Emulator version Status Description
3D2 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Eight light spots on a cube's corners rotate in the dark.
3D-Demo Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A pyramid you can turn at will.
Animation! Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A cat walking in front of a fence.
Banks PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Test program for ROM and RAM banking. Has to be patched to work correctly.
BBS Demo Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Walkthrough of a BBS system.
Big Scroller Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works very slowly Flickers a lot because the emulation is too slow.
ChaosRaster Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works For the GBC, the graphics look bad.
Clown1 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works It's said to be a converted Amiga demo: a rotating head of a clown.
Dawn/Icebird Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Graphic demo.
Distortion PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Demo for raster interrupts.
Film2 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works An animation showing a rotating checkered cube.
Game of Life 2 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Just an exercise, the output takes only the upper left quarter.
GAS Demo Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Sound/player demo. At least the graphics are shown ;-)
GBAPA2 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Demo program to show that all pixels are individually addressable.
GB Demo Phoinix v.1.4pre2 Works Game demo by Jens Ch. Restemeier as his application, needs a patch.
Hentai Animation Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Animation... ;-)
Hentai Demo Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Animation... ;-)
KirbyXXL PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works What a huge Kirby!
Lamborghini II Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Mockup of a race game, has some bugs.
LandScape PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works slowly Another fine demo for testing raster interrupts.
Merry PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Xmas greetings from Anders Granlund. Good test for priorities of screen objects.
M5 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Movie player.
Multi Sprite Demo Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Shows all 40 sprites at the same time.
Punk! Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Unfortunately Phoinix doesn't emulate sound :-(
RAM_FN PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Test program with subroutines copied into RAM.
Shao-Lin's Road Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Platform fighter, no enemies and no goal :-(
Shoot Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A trooper running and shooting.
Shooter test Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works A spacecraft flying through space.
Space PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Everything's scrolling, nice test program.
This Side Up Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works, some parts very slowly Several graphical effects.
Two hearts Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works slowly Japanese cartoon movie.
Warwalk1 Phoinix v.1.3.3 Works Wario walking...
Workmaster 2 Demo Phoinix v.1.3.2 Works Kind of a PDA ;-) The patch cures the garbled graphics.
Zoomar V3 PalmBoy v.3.14159 Works Realtime zoomer with Mario (He's waving when patched.)