Phoinix, the free Gameboy emulator for PalmOS

by Bodo Wenzel
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How to get in touch

On this page: - Mailinglists - Forums - Getting help - Other purposes


Of course you will like to know when new releases are published. Please subscribe the mailing list for new version announcements for this purpose. It will have very low traffic, however, and of course you can not post to this list..

If you like to chat about Phoinix and games running with it, please subscribe the mailing list for users. You may get help from others and let others know about your experiences. Its archive is also your first stop after reading all documentation without finding an answer for your question.

The third list is for the "development team", including the betatesters. If you like to listen, subscribe the mailing list for developers. Please send proposals for new features and bug reports to this list.

Note 1: Due to the heavy spam and virus traffic posting is limited to the subscribers. Please make sure that your system is not infected; I'm receiving dozens of emails with viri each day!

Note 2: I recommend to set your preferences to "non-digest" for easy handling of any attachments.


If you don't like mailinglists, you may like forums instead. You can't subscribe them, but read and post. (You may like to set a "monitor" on a forum to receive the postings as emails.) On the Forums page of Phoinix you can select out of two:

Getting help

The complexity of an emulator can be covered only partly by its user interface. It's just natural that you'll have some questions.

First step

Please read the texts in the tips, just tap the (i)  button or select the "Tips" entry in the "Options" menu.

Second step

Read the documentation compiled in the archive "". The file contains the HTML files of the homepage; however, they may be out of date. Read the page with the frequently asked questions.

Third step

Use the mailing list for users. You may have to read the history to see whether your question was addressed already.

Fourth step

Oh, you're still there? OK, now you may try to mail me directly. Depending on the load, I will answer you after a while. Please be as verbose as possible, I simply can't answer mails like "It does not work!"

Please provide these informations:

  • The device you're using, and its OS version.
  • The version of Phoinix.
  • Where Phoinix and the game is stored, onboard or on a memory card.
  • The name of any other application if it might be involved. This is true for all hacks and such.
  • The name of the game if applicable. Please don't send the game, it's illegal all over the world.
  • IMPORTANT! The best possible description of the problem. This includes the exact words of any error message!
  • IMPORTANT! If possible, a detailed way to reproduce the problem.
  • A suggestion for a solution if you have any ;-)
  • Any other helpful information you like.

Other purposes

Contribute playing games :-)

You might have noticed that the lists of compatibility are not complete at all. Please read HJ's document about playability testing first. If you like to help, download the blank datasheet and fill in your results. Then rename it and send it back to me or HJ directly; please don't forget to make a snapshot of the GB screen.


If you like to be at the cutting edge, subscribe the mailing list for developers. It only helps if you send reasonable reports...

For programmers

Phoinix is an open source project. You may like to jump directly to the Project summary to see what's going on.

As with any other SourceForge project, you may access the CVS repository to look for interesting source codes.