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Thank you for the cookies ==>

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Thank you for the cookies

On this page: - Links to on-line shops - Cookies - Recipes

Reading the documentation carefully you might have noticed that I'm an enthusiast of cookies. If you like to get an easy conscience about letting me sit all this time at the keyboard, send some of your favourite cookies to this address:

Bodo Wenzel
Saarbrückener Straße 210
38116 Braunschweig

It doesn't have to be self-made ones, some specimen from your local shop will be OK, too. If you know a special recipe, please send it; I could try it myself.

Since it seems too much effort to let Mam or Grandma bake some, and to get it to the post office, see the links to on-line shops for the internet way of letting me know that you like Phoinix.

Don't worry about my taste (for stubborns: crispy, sweet, and with nuts or chocolate). My reasons are to learn more about other regions of our nice world. It's the best world we have, and it's the only one!

If you sent something, and I don't like it, don't go into a huff. Taste is something you can't quarrel about ;-)

On-line shops selling cookies

Possible criteria to get on this list are: location in Germany, reasonable offers, presentation in English. This collection was set up early in 2006, and not all links might work forever. Please notify me if you find a broken link. If you add the correct URL, I'll be grateful! If you find another good shop, please contact me also.


Name, sorted Picture Origin My remarks
Picture of the pack. Serbia Not as soft as they look, and sweet. The chocolate is just lightly flavoured. Nice to some black tea ;-)
Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Picture of the pack. Great Britain Standard, but hey - who said that "standard" ment "ordinary"?! They are great! Um, am I spoilt?
Country Ma'am:
Chocochip Cookies Sweet Potato
Picture of the pack. Japan Soft, sweet, and a bit of coffee aroma. Dear, they are packed separately!
Fox's "Some Like'em Hot!":
Chunky Chocolate
Picture of the pack. Great Britain Oh dear, GREAT - if you let 'em a bit longer in the oven... They become crisp, what I like very much!
Fox's "Some Like'em Hot!":
Raspberry & White Chocolate
Picture of the pack. Great Britain Quite OK, a bit soft. Taste cold well, the hot experience revealed a bit too much sweetness.
Fox's "Some Like'em Hot!":
Toffee & Apple
Picture of the pack. Great Britain In between the two other Fox's. The toffee pieces add a nice flavour, though quite spicy.
"Green tea" Picture of the pack. Japan Yeah, if you like green tea, they're great. Fit very well to black tea, not sweet.
Manner Törtchen Picture of the pack. Austria Very typical for Austrian waffles, and very tasty. They have to be eaten in time for maximum pleasure!
Nabisco: Chips Ahoy! Picture of the pack. U.S.A. Not yet tried...
Nutter Butter
Picture of the pack. U.S.A. Quite OK; as I like peanuts very much, it could have a stronger taste.
OREO (Standard?)
Picture of the pack. U.S.A. Yes, very chunky and "chocolately"! I was told that there are more sorts...
Mini OREO Chocolate Cream
Picture of the pack. U.S.A. As small as they are, these are great! And the Snak-Sack did its best to preserve the freshness.
Nestlé Toll House:
Semi-Sweet Morsels
Picture of the pack. U.S.A. I tried the recipes on the pack, see below.
Half Coated Triple Choc Cookies
Picture of the pack. Great Britain Very promising, and they are very good.
Half Coated Triple Nut Cookies
Picture of the pack. Great Britain What a surprise: three kinds of nuts gave an extraordinary taste. I like them very much.
Tesori di Pasticceria:
Ferratelle morbide farcite
Picture of the pack. Italy I expected something crunchy (I don't understand Italy), but what a great surprise: they are crumbly and filled with chocolate cream! Yes, I like them ;-)


Please drop me a note if you like to have the recipes for download.

Name, sorted Picture Origin My remarks
Bangket jahe Picture of the cookies. Joanna Not yet tried...
Chocolate chip cookies Picture of the cookies. Jonathan Sweet and crunchy! I like 'em very much!! As you can see, I have no cookie pan, that's why they became so huge!
Chocolate chip cookies, alternate version Picture of the cookies. Neale Based on the usual recipe, replacing butter by vegetable oil, granulated sugar by turbinado sugar, and using whole wheat flour. Neale wrote they were runny; however, my try showed slighty different results.
Double chocolate chip brownies Picture of the cookies. Nestlé's morsels pack Although made with nearly the same ingredients as the chocolate chip cookies, these taste of chocolate much more! For now my favourites.
Gabe's favourite Picture of the cookie. Gabe When Gabe contacted me the first time, he could only send this virtual cookie Picture of the cookie., because the girl who made them didn't tell him the recipe. Now that he got the recipe and sent it to me, I was able to try to make some. Unfortunately it seems that I made some errors, but this first try tastes well, anyway.
Kue nogat Picture of the cookies. Joanna It's quite difficult to melt the sugar without letting it get brown. But the result tastes well...
Neiman-Marcus Cookies Picture of the cookies. Jonathan Some problems with the ingredients make me think that I created something else - but the chocolate and the oatmeal made them very special! And yes, this is the mystic recipe! Jonathan said his mother knows the source of the "famous" email...
Umbuk semut Picture of the cookies. Joanna Very crunshy, with nice nut flavour! I think I'd like Indonesia ;-)
Unnamed (Pure sugar melted in the oven) Didn't bake any... MBGLAX Dear, this is really hard caramel!