Phoinix, the free Gameboy emulator for PalmOS

by Bodo Wenzel
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About the future

This is a look into the future, "pie in the sky"... Don't expect anything about it in the next version, perhaps it will never come. The screenshots are taken from a mock-up I once wrote, all names are purely fictional. Additionally the user interface changed, please don't let this confuse you...

Each feature has a comment showing its status...

On this page: - Thoughts on what to implement - Categories - Beaming - GB link

Thoughts on what to implement

Many requests for features to implement are arriving; to be honest, too many. Here are some notes how I try to decide when things are implemented:

  • YES: It's of general interest for most users.
  • YES: A common feature of typical PalmOS applications, which doesn't need too much effort to implement.
  • YES: I would love to have it ;-)
  • NO: It's not only useful for Phoinix; something like a separated tool or hack can be used by many applications.
  • NO: It's used rarely or even only once.
  • NO: Some things are simply impossible. (OK, all is possible; but read the next.)
  • NO: I'd have to spend too much time and effort. Some other programmer may like to implement it...
May I quote Madonna: "Creation comes when you learn to say No."


Screenshot of a game's category popup.

Categories allow you to group games logically into manageable lists. In the game manager, categories appear in a popup list in the form's titlebar to limit the view. To edit a single game, a second popup list is provided.

No user asked for categories. So I'll better save the time (for me) and the bytes (for you).


Screenshot of menu with beam actions.

Of course you like to share your joy with your friends. Beaming will enable you to transfer games and saved states. You know about the legal aspects of copying commercial games, don't you?

There are so many nice tools that can beam everything. It's quite improbable that it will be added...

GB link

Linking Gameboys is not often supported, most games can't be played with more than one player. But with some games you'll have much more fun if you're playing with partners.

Please mail me if you know something about the infrared link of the real Gameboy. Wouldn't it be great if you could connect to the original?

Since there seems to be no information on this topic, I'm afraid that this feature will not be added.