Game Ant Soldiers
Description Puzzle: Guiding: Clone of Lemmings- guide ants to the exit using different skills
Features -
Serial #'s -
Star rating * * Screen shot
Formats BW
Year 1993
Licensee PD Chun Nan Lin, Ei-How Yang, Arick Wu
Version 01
Cart type MBC1
Country Japan
Languages Eng
Details No$GMB Liberty Palmboy
Size 128 226 (129 +97) 215 (129 +86)
Playable - Yes- V.Slow Too slow
Bugs Cosmetic: Junk graphics before intro screen, reflected in emulation - -
Test Time taken to count down from 4:30 to 4:15 on 1st level, no key presses
Speed 14s 41s (293%) 80s (571%)
Speed range - Oc: 36-45 Nm: 63-81 Oc: 80 Nm: 153
Graphics - Good Good
Sound - Not tested -
Codes - - -
Best emu Liberty
Alternatives Try 'Lemmings' on the gb (128kb), or 'Lemons' (60kb+) for the Palm by Joe Strout
Comments As this clone was designed solely for the gb, it is actually more playable than the official version of Lemmings. Also known as: 'Free Ants' and 'King of Ants'
Tested by HJ
Tested on 17/08/2001 v1.2.5 v4.0 beta