Game F1 Race
Description Racing: FrontView: Choose one of two F1 cars and compete over increasingly difficult tracks
Features Multi player link-up
Serial #'s DMG-F1-USA
Star rating * * Screen shot
Formats BW
Year 1990
Licensee Com Nintendo (01)
ROM title F1RACE
Version 01
Cart type MBC2 +Bat
Country Japan
Languages Eng
Details No$GMB Liberty Palmboy
Size 128 226 (129 +97) 225 (137 +88)
Playable - Too slow Too slow
Bugs - Major: Racing track does not bend on turns, possibly due to graphics flaw Major: Racing track does not bend on turns, also VERY slow
Test Time for 30 seconds to elapse while racing, pressing 'A' key
Speed 30s 144s (480%) 367s (1223%)
Speed range - Oc: 129-159 Nm: 250-310 Oc: 367 Nm: 1077
Graphics - Bad Bad
Sound - Ok. Set: 1 -
Codes - - -
Best emu Liberty
Alternatives -
Comments A basic racing game, not playable due to emulation.
Tested by HJ
Tested on 26/12/01 v1.2.5 v4.0 beta2