Game Max
Description Platform: GrappleNShoot: Pilot a Mech walker in different alien environments
Features -
Serial #'s -
Star rating * * * Screen shot
Formats BW
Year 1992
Licensee Com Infogrames (70)
ROM title MAX
Version 00
Cart type MBC1
Country Non Jap
Languages Eng
Details No$GMB Liberty Palmboy
Size 64 162 (65 +97) 150 (65 +85)
Playable - Too slow Too slow
Bugs - Cosmetic: Info window is one row of pixels too high. Shows when paused -
Test Time for Max to descend at the start of the 1st level, no key presses
Speed 7s 29s (414%) 39s (557%)
Speed range - Oc: 25-33 Nm: 44-61 Oc: 39 Nm: 71
Graphics - Ok Good
Sound - Ok. Set: 2 -
Codes - - -
Best emu Liberty
Alternatives 'Bionic Commando' (256kb) Capcom 1992 for the gb.
Comments Although this game runs too slowly on the Palm, it is worth checking out as the gameplay and graphics are excellent!
Tested by HJ
Tested on 05/06/2001 v1.2.5 v3.14159