Game Tamagotchi
Description VirtualPet: Raise and nuture your own alien egg blob
Features -
Serial #'s -
Star rating * * Screen shot
Formats BW SGB
Year 1997
Licensee Com Bandai (B2)
Version 00
Cart type MBC1 +8k RAM +Bat
Country Non Jap
Languages Eng
Details No$GMB Liberty Palmboy
Size 512 610 (513 +97) 609 (521 +88)
Playable - Yes- V.Slow Too slow
Bugs - Major: No game save -
Test Time from selecting tama's name until egg has completely hatched, no key presses
Speed 11s 28s (255%) 35s (318%)
Speed range - Oc: 25-30 Nm: 43-55 Oc: 35 Nm: 64
Graphics - Good Good
Sound - Bad. Set: 1 -
Codes - - -
Best emu Liberty
Alternatives In the general theme of life sims, 'Bebop' (around 200kb) is an excellent game for the Palm
Comments Although emulation is slow, the game is still quite playable. However, is it worth using half a meg of memory?
Tested by HJ
Tested on 18/11/01 v1.2.5 v4.0 beta2