Game Tetris
Description Blocks: Tetris: THE Gameboy game
Features 2 player link-up
Serial #'s DMG-TE-USA
Star rating * * * Screen shot
Formats BW
Year 1989
Licensee Com Nintendo (01)
Version 00
Cart type Rom only
Country Japan
Languages Eng
Details No$GMB Liberty Palmboy
Size 32 130 (33 +97) 118 (33 +85)
Playable - Yes- Great Yes- Great
Bugs - - -
Test Time for 2 blocks to drop, one hard right and one hard left, without pressing down
Speed 27s 33s (122%) 30s (111%)
Speed range - Oc: 24-42 Nm: 78-145 Oc: 30 Nm: 113
Graphics - Good Good
Sound - Ok. Set: Music off, 1+2 -
Codes - - -
Best emu Palmboy
Alternatives Many Tetris clones are available. On the Palm try 'Shapefall' by Kev Stainwright (12kb); also 'Petraluna' seems popular (66kb). For something different, try 'Wild Snake' (64kb) on the gb
Comments This classic is emulated well and is just as addictive a decade later!
Tested by HJ
Tested on 19/07/2001 v1.2.5 v3.14159