Game Jankeman
Description Genre: Shot and jump
Features 1 player link-up ? No.
Serial #'s -
Star rating * * * Screen shot
Formats BW GB
Year 1991
Licensee NCS  Licensee(XX)
ROM title Jankeman
Version 1.0
Cart type MBC1
Country Jap
Languages Jap
Details No$GMB Liberty Phoinix
Size 64 162 (65 +97) 151 (65 +86)
Playable -Yes No tested on it
Bugs - None
- - None
Test I booted it on my Zire, and played it. good.
Time Time TimeAndPercent TimeAndPercent
Range - Oc: Time Nm: Time Oc: Time Nm: Time
Graphics - //
Sound - Good

Best emu FastestEmulator
Alternatives -
Comments -On Phoinix is a bit slow, but playable (tested on Zire).
Tested by FRSoldier
Tested on 27/04/03
v1.3 Pre2 Lite